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california. it's wrapping back towards us. it looks like it's pushing into the pacific, slightly cooler, especially the coast. it's partly sunny skies and partly cloudy. look at it, 70, fairfield, livermore and san francisco, a west whipped picking up. a lot of cloud cover comes off the mother load or central sierra. some of that could move back off of us. the flow continues to pick up an i lot of moisture. some sun i, a lot of clouds building up. maybe some lightning could be kind of that midwest kind of days. 60s, # 0s, 80 and still hot but not as hot as yesterday. >> traffic is moving along pretty -- pretty well, but it's getting crowded around the bay area. traffic looks pretty good getting up to the coliseum, going around hayward is being in good shape. it's backed up to the 880 crossing. if you're driving on the peninsula or on the freeway heading south, let's say if you're using the san mateo bridge, that's okay. this is also to off to a good start. 6:02, let's did pack to the desk. >>> firefighters are battling ten across the california area. some are in remote areas and others
of a major u.s. ally in the pacific, the philippines. it was on august 21st, 1953 that benino was gunned downright after he got off a plane after flying back to his home country. many thought president ferdinand blanco orchestrated his killing. here is the report that claude nann brought us on that day nearly 30 years ago. >>> hundreds of akino supporters were waiting at the airport to welcome him home. security appeared to be tight. during those last minutes aboard the plane, akino said he was racing against time. that he must convince demarco to bring democracy back to the philippines. he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. >> my view, we all have to die sometime. we may die from an assassin's bullet. >> reporter: as exited the plane, security officers escorted akino. moments later the shooting started. the government say it is three officers were escorting akino when an unidentified assassin dressed as a maintenance man pulled out a pistol. the mortally wounded akino was rushed to an army hospital and pronounced dead from a single bullet to his head. there was pandemonium as word of the
across parts of the bay area because of dangerous fire conditions. ktvu's alex savidge will tell us about how crews are preparing in a moment but first, we begin our team coverage with steve paulson who explains the weather conditions outside. >>> well, it's a tale of three different forecasts. if you are near the coast, fog or sun. if you are south bay or parts of the peninsula, it's mostly sunny. although there's one little band of clouds going through the south bay. north bay and parts of the east bay. a lot of clouds, mostly cloudy. it's cool, warm, hot, muggy. a little low off central california is producing a lot of cloud cover and it will be with us through thursday morning. i think a bert opportunity for showers is tuesday. the red flag warning is out for lightning, for causing fires. it's very dry and hot. already 93 in livermore. yesterday they were 102. san francisco is 61. half moon bay, also 61. a huge difference. watch the clouds streaming in. you can see they are definitely taking aim more towards the east and north bay. some of that looks like it wants to produce rain. not
place, the u.n. >> we're asking everyone to tell us what the world needs more of. >> he did talk to two important people at u.n. to ask them, first off, u.n. chief secretary-general ban ki-moon and chief valerie amos. >> what do you think the world needs more of. >> humanity. >> humanity. >> and gives him like cupcakes or muffins and dances with him. >> i like his style. the kid president is doing a great job. >> getting his groove on at u.n. >> it's great. he's doing what he said we needed more of, more humanity. >> i want to give everybody big hugs. am i getting everybody? am i getting everybody? can i get everybody? >> what dud the world need more of? you said. >> love. >> kindness. >> high five. >> high five. >> that goes -- >> all in one. >> at same time. >> here we go. that was awkward. we want to know what our facebook fans say. >> what do you think the world needs more of. >> go to tell us what you think. >>> a circling hawk can mean one thing. >> it spotted something that it wants. >> see what it snatches in a dive bomb. >> he's got it. he's got it
. they are used to it. it's just me. >> that's it for >>> everybody, it's time for awesome videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." ut a fight. >> a guy looks out a window and spots a dude pinned by two cops standing and kneeling on the head/neck area. >> that might be police brutality but that might be a little much. >> the video leads to a police investigation. >> he's been gone for two years and now his baby sister is about to arrive from college. a soldier's surprise welcome home. >> remember me? >> you can go topless in public nir in new york but this model -- what happens when somebody calls the cops. and see the near miss to end all near misses. >> what do do you after this? >> clean out your underwear. >> a camera in philadelphia this video here from a guy's apartment. you see a police officer in a tussle. unclear what this guy was up to. the guy filming the video says -- >> he was putting up a [ bleep ] fight too. >> the one man has the guy down on the ground. another police officer comes up and attempts to get this guy in fist-a-cuffs. there's a few punches to the guy. o
through here. you know it's terrible. >> neighbors tell us the woman who lives in the home is now staying with family. >>> we're expecting to find out tomorrow what killed five women in a limo. the limo caught fire with 10 people inside. four women and the driver escaped but five other women including a new bride were killed. >>> helmet mounted cameras now off limit for all san francisco firefighters. this order came from the fire chief after footage from the asiana rescue went live. >> reporter: they're used by firefighters all over the country, we found more than a few helmet camera videos on the internet. battalion chief mark johnson wore a helmet cam when he and other firefighters responded to the crash of asiana214 in july. during that response a fire truck ran over a 16-year-old passenger killing her. recently firefighters say chief joanne hayes whitish shoed a verbal order that no one is to wear helmet cameras on the job. according to a spokesperson for the fire chief, the ban on cameras is not new. she points to a 2009 ban from firefighters having any recording devices of any kind
tells us about the awkward accident. >> i want to hear exactly what this couple said. >> the bride gave me a look of death like, what did you just do? >> baby raccoons get a lift from the garbage guy and a corgi shows off serious ball skills. >> recording. >> watching a couple of guise hooking up go-procameras to a plane. from a bunch of different angles, one from the pilot's view, one from the side, one on the underbelly of the aircraft. this prop plane. they start cranking this thing up. the pilot begins take-off, very cool we're seeing lift-off from the cameras. you can see the wheels lifting off the ground. very cool. things look smooth. but i want you to listen. >> starting to hear some sputtering and seeing the propeller slow down. plane tilts to right. >> oh no! >> this thing is on its way down right into the trees. you can see what it looked like from all three different vantage points. all three cameras made it through the crash. pilot, unharmed. they start collecting cameras. >> they're still recording, hi, everybody, you survived a plane crash! >> from air show in france. you
in line than us. things are -- from las vegas all the way from tahoe to truckee to reno. lake county, mendocino, maybe napa in line. slightly cooler today. yesterday, it was hot. today will be warm to hot to muggy. partly sunny, partly cloudy, possible possible -- possible showers. foggy on parts of the coast. back to school forecast, we're focusing this time on san francisco. there's pretty good gusts. three reports about 20 miles an hour. most locations are calm. that's not the case in parts of san francisco. 56, 64 we'll go for a high of 68 depending upon where you are in the city. 70 in antioch. upper 60s, 56 in san francisco. there's lot of 60s to 70s. the cloud cover streaming right off the sierra, coming back from the sacramento valley to the north bay and some lightning strikes have developed into fresno. that might develop later on. we have fog going west to east. but the high and mid-level clouds going east to west. fog, sun, clouds, very warm, muggy, humid. clouds building, possible showers and thundershowers. more likely the north bay. it's kind of a broad brush forecast
. >>> they have banned firefighters from using helmet cameras. one fire truck ran over and killed the 16-year-old passenger in the chaotic moments after the crash. the chief says it's an issue of firefighter and victim privacy. it has sparked a debate with firefighters across the country. >> the chief has to be sensitive about what they let their employees do because they can be liability. >>> they are now considering their next move in a contract dispute poot many commuters thought were settled. the union is representing 800 transit workers. the union workers include bus drivers, dispatchers and clerical workers. the vote is at 256 yes, and 576 no. >> a pretty strong no vote. >> what does that say. >> it means we want something better. >> are you willing to strike for it? >> i'm willing to do what the union does. >> they'll meet soon to review their options. >>> east bay commuters remember how ac transit helped thousands of people getting across the pay, there's still a threat of another bart shut down in october. bart and its union has not had any contract talks since a judge ordered a cool
're putting extra firefighters and they have additional engines on stand py as well. a chief told us they're changing how crews respond to calls to make sure they're able to deal with a fire sparked by lightning. >> the multiple incident plan is going to be activated and what that does it changes our normal response, we modify it in anticipation of multiple instances in a large geographic area. >> in an effort to key it early on, cal fire will be stationings lookouts and they'll be up on peaks in the area trying to keep an eye out for smoke and have crews responding to fires before they get out of hand. those hookouts will be the in place starting later on this morning. fear fighters will be on their tows, they'll have to be ready for fires to break out. these red flag warning and dangerous conditions will remain until tomorrow morning. wednesday morning. >> 5,000 firefighters are battling fires across the weather and the -- across the state and the weather could make conditions work. gusty winds and dry lightning, many of the fires are burning in remote areas, but others have forced the
for being with us. we'll see you again next week on 49ers total access. >>> check out this beautiful house, a lovely place to start a family and that's exactly what rachel and brady did. this was their first home. they bought it. this is where they welcomed their two children. but just a few short years lighter this is what the home looked like. >> the door won't shut because i don't know you can tell it's off the hinges because the floor is swollen. why is the floor swollen? because she didn't report a leak. >> that's awful. now rachel and brady after the housing crisis decided to move out of this neighborhood and move their family to a new neighborhood. they didn't want to let go of the home so they rented it out to a section 8 renter meaning that the home would be subsidized by the government. that renter was in their home for just three short years. >> how did it get so bad? >> according to brady the deterioration in the house didn't happen until the last three or four months that this renter was in there and she stopped letting him come in to the house. >> this house was freaking a me
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)